Successful Projects

Federal Way City Hall

Project Budget: $7,937,866


Final Cost: $7,585,104

“Hiring Dave Clark was the smartest decision we made. It was an absolute pleasure to work with him… he provides level of services beyond other architects…very attentive to clients' wishes…a talented and creative designer.” – Derek Matheson, Assistant City Manager

“The best decision we made in the project is when we hired you. Your attention to detail, genuine interest in user needs, and conscientious about cost made it easy for everyone. I only wish all projects can go as smoothly!”  -Iwen Wang, Assistant City Manager

“You have done a wonderful job for the City and for my staff and myself, for which I am grateful.  I think it is the first time in my 20 years that I have worked in a space that was professionally designed to make my work life more efficient and comfortable.  You have been wonderful to work with!”  -Mary Kate Martin, Building Official





Medina Police Station & City Hall Renovation & Expansion

Without Dave Clark we would not be where we are today; we could not have done this job without him.” - Donna Hanson, City Manager

“Dave Clark came into our project midstream and immediately inherited a ton of 'opportunities' from the previous architect. Dave addresses every 'opportunity' and found a solution. Dave made it a point to include our team in the process the entire way. Any time I had a question or concern, Dave and his team always provided a quick answer. I wish we would have had Dave Clark from the start; everyone’s lives would have been simpler. I would recommend Dave Clark for any project.” -John Kane, Police Sergeant

“The investment we made in you was the best thing we ever did. Without you, we would never be where we are today. Thank you so very much!” – Katie Phelps, Medina Council Member





SeaTac Fire Station Headquarters

Project Budget: $6,621,971


Final Cost: Under Construction

“May I say I have appreciated the Nordstrom service from Clark Architects.  You have gone past the call of duty with nary a coarse word to aid me in getting things accomplished around here and I say thank you.” –Pat Patterson, Facilities Director





Auburn Golf Course Clubhouse & Driving Range

Project Budget: $4,746,905


Final Cost: $4,550,149

“Your top-notch team of professionals provided exceptional service from preliminary design to project closeout. Your skilled ability to listen to the customer, while providing professional insight, your detailed construction drawings, as well as your unsurpassed organizational skills, helped make this high-profile project a pleasure. ” –Daryl Faber, Parks Director

“…members of the community rave about its beauty, and course operations are substantially higher than previous years and running near peak capacity already....” –Paul Berry, Project Manager





SeaTac City Hall

Project Budget: $4,986,233


Final Cost: $4,085,718

“I am absolutely convinced that Dave Clark is the best architect we could have had to do our (City Hall) job.”
City Manager Bruce Rayburn

“You made our project seem so simple, and that is why it was great to work with you.” –Kit Ledbetter, Parks Director





Valley Communications Center

Estimate during pre-design stage: $6,102,169


Final Cost: $5,428,250

 “…he is the best architect I have worked with and (he) complimented my style as project manager like none I have ever experienced before.” - Mike Sweeney, Owner’s Project Manager

“David, I’m going to …keep your report and use it as a perfect example of what we should expect from our consultants…. Great Job.” 
- Ken Nyberg, City Manager.(ret), City of Federal Way


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SeaTac Senior Center

Project Budget: $1,487,176


Final Cost: $1,547,643

“Our architect, Dave Clark, did an outstanding job on this Senior Center. Llistening to the seniors, the staff and the council, he pulled together a space that we can all be proud of for years to come.” –Craig Ward, City Manager

“This is a great facility, thanks to Dave Clark.” - Mayor Frank Hanson

“You're the best, Dave. I was just thinking this morning that there are very few architects willing to put out the effort to make the job go well. Yet another reason why I continue to do business with Clark Architects.” -Pat Patterson, SeaTac Project Manager





Foster Golf Links Clubhouse

Project Budget: $4,241,000


Final Cost: $4,176,000

“David A. Clark Architects is a firm whose client-centered-values, principles, unselfishness, and work ethic are like none other I have worked with in the public sector.”  - Mike Sweeney, Tukwila Project Manager





Mulally Residence

“Thank you sooo much for your leadership and partnership Dave!!!”  - Alan Mulally, Owner
“Yahoo!!! Dave Clark rocks!!  - Alan Mulally, Owner





Maplewood Golf Course Clubhouse

(Work completed while partner at prior firm)

Project Budget: $4,681,985


Final Cost: $4,655,091

“Dave Clark completed the project within budget and on time.  We have one of the nicest—if not the nicest—public golf course clubhouses in the Northwest.” - Jay Covington, City of Renton Chief Administrative Officer

“Dave’s complete knowledge of the project, problem-solving abilities and professional dealings with the various contractors insured the project stayed on schedule and that the City’s best interest were being protected.”  - Randy Leifer, Golf Course Manager





Maplewood Driving Range

(Work completed while partner at prior firm)

Project Budget: Included in Clubhouse complex



“Dave, I have truly enjoyed my association with you.  You have demonstrated a high degree of efficiency and professionalism in designing and managing this contract.”  - Bill Hutsinpiller, Parks & Recreation Director, City of Renton, retired 1997

“David is very committed to a project and continuously strives to work with the client and stays within the budget and project scope.”
- Sam Chastain, Community Services Administrator, City of Renton, retired 1998





AIA Seattle Work

"David: I want you to know how proud every AIA member is of you and the members of AIA Seattle. The professionalism and sincere caring you showed for your community, which was demonstrated by the timely and informed response of AIA Seattle immediately after the earthquake last week, were outstanding.  Your outstanding history of excellence prepared AIA Seattle for the spotlight of national attention. Your dedication to your neighbors and community prepared you to act decisively and compassionately. Thank you for being an exemplary role model.”   - AIA Executive Vice President/CEO Norman Koonce FAIA

"Watching MSNBC last night, the quake was the event of the day. The coverage of David Clark [Chair of the AIA Seattle Disaster Preparedness & Response Team] ... was superb. He was articulate, intelligent, and gave a super impression of AIA Seattle. Please pass on my kudos. You made me proud." –Richard W. Hobbs FAIA

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